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At The Body Lounge we don’t believe in magic but we do believe in our skills to help you achieve all of the above. As someone who has experience The Body Lounge Salisbury, YOU are the focus of our business and your wellbeing is OUR priority. We would like to welcome you to our experience and truly hope that you love your life with the new you. With the help of our fantastic trainers, therapists and coaches we believe in offering you the best all around wellbeing experience. Based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, the ethos of The Body Lounge is to support each individual to access the services on offer and to have an understanding of them, internally and externally.



South Wilts Business of the Year Awards

New Business of the Year Winners 2015


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Toby and Steve Giles along with David Ferris created The Body Lounge. Initially it was a gym for personal trainers and a beauty salon, over the past 2 years it has evolved into a resource centre for physical fitness, health, beauty and happiness.

It has been proven that happiness starts from within and the team support this philosophy at The Body Lounge, this is done by helping the clients to have an understanding of a nutrition programme, and exercise regime, healthy living (sleep patterns, work/personal life relationships) lifestyle choices, enhancing beauty, and cognitive support and supporting physical aliments with massage, supporting people in reducing stress factors within their life and becoming part of an every growing community of people who work together in supporting each other. The Body Lounge was awarded ‘New Business Of The Year Award 2015’ by South Wiltshire Business Of the Year Awards.

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The moral and mental support you need to tackle health and well being. This is personal training as it should be. Impressed and committed to going back there and shaping up. Positive welcoming and not pretentious.

Theresa Wood

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