What we Offer

Toby Giles

Toby Giles - Personal Trainer/Director

Toby is an experienced personal trainer, supporting people in the local community, UK and worldwide in all areas of fitness and health over the past 15 years. Toby offers one to one fitness coaching and personal training, instructing group X classes and presenting international fitness shows across the US and Europe.

Toby’s aim is to support people to look good, feel great, reach their goals and surpass them and he guarantees when people work together with him and The Body Lounge, they can achieve this.


David Ferris David Ferris - Director

David career has taken him to many places, he was a Production Manager for Rank Organisation, producing in-house shows for Butlins during the 90’s, he worked within a boarding school as a Care manager and is now a qualified social worker and professional trainer. David has worked within the social work field since 1997. He is currently a Registered Care Manager within a local care home for adults on the autistic spectrum. David is also co-founder of a local Barber Shop.

David’s aim is for others to experience true happiness with a support network of people to help them along the way.



Steve Giles Steve Giles - Director

Steve is an International vocal coach and one of the most connected voice teachers in the world. Authorised instructor and board member for the Vocology In Practice (ViP) network in Hollywood. Writer for iSing Magazine and co founder of The Naked Vocalist Singers’ podcast. He has lectured workshops at conservatoires and vocal development programs in the UK and USA.

Steve is a co-founder of Love Soul Choir, which has organisations across the UK. Steve is also a director of Tempo, this is a company that supports people in the community with mental health needs, the holistic approach used enables the people accessing the service to have an awareness of their own wellbeing

Steve’s aim is enable people to reach their full potential in whatever aspect of life they choose to pursue, with the rewards of self-accomplishment and happiness.


Alan Levine

Alan Levi - Personal Trainer

Alan Levi is a Personal Trainer who firmly believes in the integration of the mind and body in training. Utilising cutting edge techniques that are designed to elevate performance beyond client expectations. These include; State of the art training protocols; Acupressure techniques to eradicate injuries and improve sports performance; Emotional Freedom Technique to eliminate negative and limiting beliefs; Biosignature profiling to establish hormonal imbalances; Nutrition and supplementation expertise.


Alan Beirne

Andy Beirne - Personal Trainer

Andy Beirne is an ex Army PTI and owner of Parafit Salisbury. Andy has a hard hitting approach, he is a result achieving personal trainer who specialises in weight management. Andy is a functional training expert with a hard working ethos and he obtains personal centering fitness goals for all his clients.